Shangri-Are generally Tableware To Your Cookware-Influenced Kitchen table

For classic dinnerware with an Asian-inspired feel, you would do well to go in search of a pattern called Shangri-La. Shambhala is a mystical Tibetan city which the story of Shangri-La is based upon, as written in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British novelist James Hilton. He described it as a serene, mystical valley somewhere in the Kunlun Mountains, where the inhabitants live forever. Many now equate it with Heaven, Nirvana and every other mystical utopia throughout history.

A Shangri-La pattern typically shows red and blue Asian flowers and birds or butterflies, things that represent the serenity and peacefulness of a mythical happy place cut off from the worries and stress of the outside world. The land of Tibetan Buddhist tradition represents the highest ideals of the discipline–beauty, peace and nature.

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Noritake’s Shangri-La design features primarily blue flowers with some red and yellow centers and highlights. A blue band circles each piece, and blue and yellow birds, perhaps the bluebird of happiness, also adorn these dishes. The pattern is discontinued now, as it was only manufactured from 1973 to 1979, but it’s still popular among collectors today. An earlier pattern by the same name was produced during the 50s, and features gray/green Asian landscapes on white.

Shangri-Are generally Tableware To Your Cookware-Influenced Kitchen table

Mikasa’s Shangri-La pattern graced earthenware pieces in their Fine Ivory line. The rim featured a woven embossed design. While still Asian-inspired, the floral design on Mikasa’s pattern featured primarily red flowers, a few blue flowers, a bird and a butterfly. Mikasa’s version of this Asian pattern is also an older, discontinued pattern.

Another similar pattern was manufactured by Royal Cauldron. This pattern has cobalt blue flowers and some slightly raised red petals. Rust colored scrolls and accents, as well as finishing gold trim, keep the Asian color themes intact. These pieces are quite rare, especially if you want them in very good to excellent condition.

Modern pieces that give your home that Oriental-inspired look found in the older, collectible china patterns are made by Lenox, in their cherry blossoms designs. Porcelain pieces like a Cherry Blossom clock, photo frames, vases and bowls are easily found pieces that possess the Asian-inspired look of the discontinued dinnerware pieces. Oneida also has a current dinnerware collection they call Shangri-La which retains some of the Oriental influence in the color scheme, though there is no pattern. But you can get sturdy earthenware pieces in blue, red or green. There’s also an Asian-inspired bowl, tiny ramekin and rectangular serving dish. You can mix and match the colors for a truly unique dining set.

If you prefer the original pieces, though, there are stores online which sell replacements for discontinued patterns. So you should be able to find just about any piece in a set you want. While it’s a bit of an expense to acquire an entire pattern this way, there are more affordable and practical ways to enhance your table with a favorite discontinued Shangri-La design.

First, consider purchasing plain white plates. Plain white china will never go out of style, and you’ll never have difficulty replacing those pieces. Then the foundation of your set is secure, and you’ll never have to worry about having an incomplete or mismatched dining set. Choose the basic pieces in white and you’ll be able to change your theme more easily.

Now, search through the discontinued pattern at replacement stores for large pieces and smaller accent pieces bearing the Asian pattern that will have a big impact on your table. The white plates won’t seem boring or plain when a colorful coffee pot, platter, cream and sugar bowl, or bamboo-handled serving plate grace the table. Because the discontinued Shangri-La patterns bear similar colors and themes, you can mix and match the pieces to add even more color and interest to your Asian-inspired table.

Shangri-Are generally Tableware To Your Cookware-Influenced Kitchen table